What to Bring with You

We recommend comfortable shoes (preferably closed-toe) that can get wet with a good grip, i.e. tennis shoes, Canyoning shoes or water-sport shoes such as Tevas or Keens. We will provide you with safety helmets, harnesses, wet suits, life jackets, and all necessary equipment for rappelling.

For Canyoning and any hiking tours, it’s best to wear your swim suit. You never know when you might have the urge to submerge in a lake, river, waterfall, or hot sulphur pool.

For hiking or other adventure trips, bring sun screen and a hat. A sweat shirt may be necessary for some of the higher mountain hikes or overnights, as it can get cold. Food will also be arranged for day trips and camping equipment for overnight adventures.

And one more thing, don’t forget to bring your smiles and sense of adventure!

If you are paying with a credit card, please bring it with you so that we can run it through our machine once the trip is completed.
We accept MasterCard or VISA only.

What to Expect

Our Canyoning adventure generally takes about 3-4 hours. This includes transport from the ship (if you are on a ship) to our Canyoning school, where we will get suited up, a short training beforehand, about 2 hours in the canyon, and transport back to the ship afterwards.

We cannot take anyone on an advanced Canyoning trip unless you have prior Canyoning experience. We will be happy to give you further training if you are interested in doing more advanced trips.

Safety being our main priority, we always keep a close eye on the weather conditions. It may be necessary to cancel a Canyoning tour due to heavy rains. In this event, we can offer you a guided tour to meet your interests. Your credit card will never be charged until a tour is completed. If Canyoning is cancelled and you choose not to do a guided tour with us, you will NOT be charged anything at all.

Where We Pick You Up

If arriving by cruise ship at Roseau port in downtown Roseau: Upon disembarking the ship, turn right at the end of the dock and walk uphill for about one minute, past the roundabout. On the right you will see the Fort Young Hotel. We will be waiting for you by the 2 brass cannons at the upper entrance. Look for Richard, Jeffrey, or Nahjie and the Extreme Dominica logo.

If arriving by cruise ship at Woodbridge Bay, which is the commercial port: After going through the security exit, turn right on the main road and walk past the small cafes and make your way to the last café, a Kubuli beer bar painted red. We will pick you up there. Look for Richard, Jeffrey, or Nahjie and the Extreme Dominica logo.

Cruise-ship guests need not worry about getting back to your boat in time. We will drop you off at the port in plenty of time to make your departure.
If you are staying locally at one of hotels, call to make arrangements.